What did you learn too late in life?


I was scrolling to Quora and I found a question, What did you learn too late in life? I simply got hooked on this question and it forces me to think. I am not a billionaire or a millionaire, nor I had achieved anything that can motivate you or you should listen to. I am a chemical engineer who loves to …

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Unlock opportunities being Multilingual

what is multilingual Quadrilingual

What is Multilingual – Languages are the medium to communicate and to express our feelings. Languages are not limited to convey or receive messages, but it allows you to understand the culture of another person also. There are lots of benefits of being multilingual which we are going to discuss today in this article. Also, you will know how many languages …

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Devghat Waterfall Umarpada


Devghat waterfall – as the name suggests, Dev means God and Ghat means mountain pass – is purely a natural beauty situated at umarpada district surat a bit away but not too far from Dediyapada – Netrang Highway. It is famous for obviously waterfall and forest area, the path to go to devghat waterfall is passing through the dense forest and …

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20 Ultimate tips to Cultivate Self Love – Self love techniques

Self love techniques

Self love techniques and how to love yourself “I love me.” How often do you say this? Never!! Or say a very few times in comparison to “I love you.” My question to us is that why can’t we love ourselves as much as we can love others. Let’s face it, we all have spent a good period of our lives …

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