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I’m Ronak. I am a Chemical Engineer and a blogger.

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What did you learn too late in life?

I was scrolling to Quora and I found a question, What did you learn too late in life? I simply got hooked on this question …

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what is multilingual Quadrilingual

Unlock opportunities being Multilingual

What is Multilingual – Languages are the medium to communicate and to express our feelings. Languages are not limited to convey or receive messages, but …

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Devghat Waterfall Umarpada

Devghat waterfall – as the name suggests, Dev means God and Ghat means mountain pass – is purely a natural beauty situated at umarpada district …

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Self love techniques

20 Ultimate tips to Cultivate Self Love – Self love techniques

Self love techniques and how to love yourself “I love me.” How often do you say this? Never!! Or say a very few times in …

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Sadbhavna Group

A Step Towards Giving Back To Community And Serving Them. Our Mission To Provide Essentials To The Less Fortunate And Create This Planet A  Better Living Place