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I’m Ronak. I am a Chemical Engineer and a blogger.

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A refined approach towards productivity.


Mistakes That Every Engineering Student Must Avoid

Schools students in their last grade always fantasized about the college life that always college life One must enjoy college life, but with conditions. With …

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stop phone addiction screen time

Stop phone addiction to Increase productivity

Technology is all around us and this pandemic had made us more close to technology as to pass the time we watch TV, to work ...
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What did you learn too late in life?

I was scrolling to Quora and I found a question, What did you learn too late in life? I simply got hooked on this question ...
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what is multilingual Quadrilingual

Unlock opportunities being Multilingual

What is Multilingual – Languages are the medium to communicate and to express our feelings. Languages are not limited to convey or receive messages, but ...
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Devghat Waterfall Umarpada

Devghat waterfall – as the name suggests, Dev means God and Ghat means mountain pass – is purely a natural beauty situated at umarpada district ...
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Sadbhavna Group

A Step Towards Giving Back To Community And Serving Them. Our Mission To Provide Essentials To The Less Fortunate And Create This Planet A  Better Living Place