What did you learn too late in life?


I was scrolling to Quora and I found a question, What did you learn too late in life? I simply got hooked on this question and it forces me to think. I am not a billionaire or a millionaire, nor I had achieved anything that can motivate you or you should listen to. I am a chemical engineer who loves to blog and here are some learnings of my life that can still you can feel relatable.

Growing up in middle class family and having dream to do something big is a wide definition of me. Unlike every other person, ups and down in life had taught many lessons to me as well. Life in not only about studying hard and get a job and earning money. What I believe is working to make yourself financial freedom should be the purpose of life. Just think yourself as wealthy, independent, making your family happy and able to provide every necessity feels like.

You had read that if you do something wrong, you will get learnings but not everyone should get to the phase and not everyone can afford to fail. One can learn from others mistakes as well and can save time and energy from getting failed to get that learning. If enen 5% of person reading things that I think learn too late in life got benefited, I will be happy and with this thought, let us start this post.

Is Learning is Important in Life?

Yes, learning is always important and it is recommended that learning is important in any phase of life. World is running at its full pace and so do technology. Along with the time, things like technology, working culture and even human brain is evolving. Hence to match with the speed of time, we need to learn continually else you will remain behind of others.

What did you learn too late in life?

If I had to pen it down, there are lots of learning that i learn till now and are important as well as falls in to the section of learn too late in life. Let us take is positively as better than never. Now, without wasting more time, let’s us get into the lessons i learn too late in life.

IIT Tags matters.

I am a Chemical Engineer and the only thing that is wrong in my professional career is not to have a tag of IIT. I had completed my bachelor’s from an average university i.e. Gujarat Technological Universities.

If you are a person from the science stream or an engineer to be specific, you had either faced this or will. Some organizations only prefer IIT tags, so prior to getting into the interview, your opportunities are narrow down. The moment you scored less than the qualified marks in JEE examination, you will lose eligibility in some companies.

People don’t value you, they value money.

As I grow up, I start to encountering situation where people not giving preference to you. Sometime they just hate you but will talk sweet if you have money or a better financial status. What I feel is work on yourself and try to identify real friends who are with you for you and not for your money.

Money is like a Dettol, it can kill 99.9% of your problems.

If you are of the mentality that money can’t buy happiness then you must do the exercise that I ask you to do. Trust me, it will hardly take 3 minutes. Take out pen and paper, even your phone notes apps will work, and write down all the problems that you have in life and want to fix it. Now read two to three times and think about the only solution i.e. money. You will be amazed to see that most of the problems can be fixed or will not even arise if you have lots of money.

This is what the power of money. Even I belive that not every thing you can buy from money, but it money with which you can keep your family, loved ones happay and provide the basic needs like food, cloth and shelter. Money can give you finanacial freedom and for me freedom is happiness

One should focus on Self-Development

Self development can be the biggest thing that you can give it to yourself which will help you to be a completely amazing person. Self development is not only about reading self development books and over the night you become a better person. This is a life long process which takes time. Apart from reading, you need to incorporate in your life. This will help you to improve you as a person, improve your skills, knowledge and competencies.

Everyone must cultivate self-love

Closer ones will hurt you the most. You will experience once in a life for sure. A persons enters in your life will make you happy but not everyone are meant to remain in your life for life time. You will become powerful you don’t get hurt or don’t bother someone’s presence or absence.

Sometimes simple NO can save you from suffering.

It’s a human tendency that they want to be liked by everyone and in pleasing everyone we somewhere suffer us. Stop being  kind generous at the cost of your happiness.

A simple formula that I follow while saying no is, I think over the matter and talk to myself is this matters to me or I will do just to treat the person nicely? If the answer is no then I will say no and viseversa.

Saying direct no can also sound rude, so use gratitude work along with no but still not explain. Instead of no, you can use No, I have some other work to do.

There is nothing like a Passive income

Work at young age to enjoy life.

Work is essential to earn bread and butter and the person who work hard at initial stage of life, can enjoy life afterwards. If you don’t study at your initial days and choose to enjoy life, watching movies, chilling on Netflix, for the whole life you have to scarify comfort and you won’t have time to enjoy life as you had to work at same efficiency even you grow old. Instead if you choose to scarify free time at in your 20s, you will have more time in your 40s  where you can have all taste of life.

Work hard but not at the cost of sleep.

You might had heard a saying that is “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Working hard is essential in order to get success but health is also an asset. Metal strength is also important. If you don’t take proper sleep, you won’t feel fresh and won’t get clear thoughts. So work hard but not at the cost of sleep. Take proper rest and optimized you time, manage your time. There in nothing like you don’t have time to sleep. The real problem is you are not managing your time properly. If you manage your time perfectly, you will get enough time to work and sleep.

Work contributes 99% in success and luck make 99% into 100%. Luck matters.

Not every things can works according to you. The things that are in your control is work and hardwork. Don’t make yourself fool by making excuses and find the reason not to work. Learn, work and execute to your level best and then leave it to the destiny.

Simple formula that I follow in my life is I understand that not all paramertes in getting successing in work are not in out hands. The thing which we can control is working on it so why to worry about the things that are not in your control.

There is no easy money, Long term investment is a key to create wealth.

Humans found attracted towards easy and comfortable things and in search of comfort we often go behind easy money. There is no easy money and if it really exist why the persons are working hard all over the globe to earn money. The only way to earn money is increase your knowledge and work hard. Don’t fall in the trap of easy money, you might end up getting into financial loss or in danger.

Knowledge can give you the power if you know how to apply it.

Motivational speeches, self development books are useless unless you don’t follow in real life. Reading self-help books and not executing is actually more dangerous then not reading and not implementing. Complete Reading self-help books, productivity podcast can make you feel that you had accomplished something by instead you need to think the other way that you had learned sometime and its time to work accordingly.

Practice meditation

Keeping body and mind calm is extremely important for your professional and personal life. When your body is calm you can think clearly and it improves your productivity. There are various benefits of meditation that one can’t think of it. So start meditating  

Time is slipping,

Everyone has Good and bad times, ups and downs in life but sitting aside and thinking why this happens to me won’t come up with solution. You need to have every taste of life so that you can value the good things. Always remember, whether it’s a good time or bad phase, it will past and you can’t do anything about it. What you can do is enjoy every phase, learn from those period and make yourself prepare for the upcoming phase.

My thought on lessons learned too late in life

Unlike reading motivational books, self help content will not help you unless you let that thoughts sink in your mind and start executing. Similarly learn the things from my mistakes, my learnings and work on your self to get a better version of you that you want to see tomorrow.

Summing Up

These were the things that can be considered as an answer to What did you learn too late in life?. Hope you get something from my lessons learned in life and you will learn valuable lessons from this and instead of learning from committing mistakes and then learn, will grab the learning and move forward in life. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this question in the comment section.

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