20 Ultimate tips to Cultivate Self Love – Self love techniques


Self love techniques and how to love yourself

“I love me.” How often do you say this? Never!! Or say a very few times in comparison to “I love you.”

My question to us is that why can’t we love ourselves as much as we can love others. Let’s face it, we all have spent a good period of our lives loving and caring about others which often leave us lacking in loving ourselves. Today, we will explore some self love techniques that will force you to learn how to love yourself first and learn how to practice self love

Self Love Meaning – What is self love

Self-love is one of those core feelings which should be nurtured by every human being, I repeat, every human being.

As a matter of fact, for many of us, Self-love might sound like a luxury rather than a necessity, to those I would like you to ask that exactly in the midnight, when the dark clouds of loneliness and failure surround you and you just can’t stop weeping, who comes to your escape. Of course you, you are the one who recollects all the broken pieces of your heart, instill the thoughts of positivity and prepare yourself for the next day.

So yes, you deserve all the love, the world possesses. Yes, you are worth it. 

Self-love is falling in love with yourself first, to choose yourself even when others refuse to. It is about being deliberate in taking time for yourself for the betterment of your mind, body, and soul. Self-love is important because to love ourselves is to recognize the full spectrum of our potentials. It is about replenishing and refreshing your spirit in different ways.

According to Psychology – Self-love is the secret key for mental health and well being, keeping depression and anxiety at bay.

Hence always learn to love yourself because, at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got.

Let’s make our self-love game strong by indulging ourselves into these self love techniques & habits.

  1. Believe yourself – This may sound a routine sentence which has been said to you by umteen people but mark my words believing in yourself works.
  2. Forgive yourself – Understand that you are a human and humans do make errors. So, in spite of blaming yourself for everything, learn to forgive yourself.
  3. Replenish yourself with positive thoughts. – Start your morning by saying at least five positive sentences about yourself. Compliment yourself for doing and looking good.
  4. Stay motivated – Listening to motivational speeches, podcasts, and TED talks will instantly motivate you.
  5. Learn to say NO – It’s absolutely fine to say NO to someone or something your conscious doesn’t allow you for or you are not happy while doing it.
  6. Learn from your mistakes – Tell yourself that there are no bad decisions, there are only lessons.
  7. Practice self-talks – Sometimes talking to oneself is the best therapy needed.
  8. Understand, Value, and express your feelings – Many times we are unable to understand our own feelings. So, firstly learn to recognize your feelings, value, and express them at the correct time.
  9. Take care of your mind, body, and soul – Be sure to take out some time to read out a book. Indulge yourself in any sort of physical activity you love, be it strength training, yoga, dancing, or even swimming. Say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle.  Also, try your hand in meditation, it works wonders.
  10. Accept that no one is perfect. So give yourself that liberty and instead of chasing perfection choose progress.
  11. Surround yourself with your loved ones. – Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Also think twice to ask for their support and guidance whenever required.
  12. Comprehend your self- worth- ‘Charity begins at home’. So do yourself a favor, analyze your importance first and the world will recognize it automatically.
  13. Never ever compare yourself – Understand that you are one of your own kind. You are UNIQUE.
  14. Immediately separate yourself from negative thoughts, people and toxic relationships.
  15. Pursue your hobbies – Take out some time from your busy schedule to do what you love. Try to develop a new skill you always have desired for and due to time and other restraints it took a back seat.
  16. Make peace with your past – Everybody has a past. So instead of hiding the scars of your past and being shameful of them, accept them. Realize that there are things that are not in your hands.
  17. Spend some time in nature – Beauty of nature has the proficiency to instantly uplift your mood. So try this one out.
  18. Stop wasting your time to impress others – Be yourself. In the process of impressing others, there are high chances of yours missing out on your individuality, and still, the other person might not approve of you. So think twice!
  19. Be consistent – Don’t stop! Every day take a step forward to achieve your goal(s). After all ‘Slow and steady the race’.
  20. Smile often.

Wrapping Up

These are the ultimate 20 self love techniques that I recommend you to cultivate. Practice self-love and encounter positivity developed in yourself. These powerful ways to practice self-love will build a solid foundation of inner power which will give a new perspective to your vision. Make sure to share your how to practice self love tips in the comment section so that it can reach to others also.

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