Sadbhavna Group

Sadbhavna Group – Founded by Group of people working in a private firm residing in Bharuch, Gujarat. Group is founded to help the less fortunate and as we are in initial stage, we are active in the near by area of Bharuch district and near by village.

Purpose of Sadbhanvna Group

The purpose of Sadbhavna group is to provide help to the less fortunates. The idea behind forming this group is to give the community back what we had and serve the humanity with some love.

Glimpse of work done by Sadbhavna group members

Sadbhavna Group was on work during Lockdown

It was March 2020, yes the worst year of the decade where the whole world was fighting with the pandemic. The government of India had locked down in India. In this tough time, lots of people who are working on a daily basis lost their job. Daily basis workers as they were not having jobs, they suffer for food also. Sadbhavna group. Below are some snapshots of Sadbhavna members who were distributing Sadbhavna kit to the needy one residing in Vagra district, Bharuch.

Sharing Food with the Students

Sharing is caring. We all know that, but when it comes to sharing food it not only gives immense happiness to the person who gets food but also gives a sense of happiness to us as well. To share food with the less fortunate, sadbhavna group members went to Atali village, Bharuch at a Child orphanage. Here are some snapshots of that event.

Kite Flying festival with students

India is a country of festival and Uttaran – 2020, Sadbhavna group decided to celebrate kite flying festival with the childs who have very limited access to the joy of festivals. Sadbhavna Group memebers went to child orphanage of Atali Village and celebrate kite flying festival with the children.

We all loves festivals and we enjoy celebrating those but all are not fortunates to enjoys festivals. Uttarayan 2020, sadbhavna group members celebrated kite flying festivals with

Note – Sadbhavna group is not collecting funds online by any means. The whole funding thing is doing locally with the members of the Sadbhavna group. It is requested not to give any money on the name of Sadbhavna Group and do report to us at