Sadbhavna Group

What is Sadbhavna Group

Sadhavna – name itself suggest pure feeling. Sadbhavna group founded and in Jan 2020, consists of people who are dedicate to serve community and the less fortunate. Our mission is to serve the people surrounded by us to create a better living place.

Who works for Sadbhavna

Sadbhavna group is founded and established in Bharuch district, Gujarat by the employees of a private sector industries. Members contributes specific 100 INR every months to raise the fund of the group. These money are used in serving the the needy ones.


Glimpse of work by Sadbhavna

Serving food to school childrens in Atali, Dahej

kite and thread distribution to the students of Atali Ashrma school by Sadbhavna Group

Sadhavna group took a active participation during lockdown. We had made a Sadhbhavna kit which contained daily food essentials and distributed to the daily workers residing Ajroj, Jolva and vav village, Gujarat.

Distributing Sadbhavna Kit containing essential food ingredients to the needy ones

These is the short description of Sadbhavna Group. This is a never ending journey of this group to serve the needy and less fortunate.

Thanks to all the members of Sadbhavna group who are continuously working to make this planet

Note - 
Ronak Prajapati is not a founder of Sadbhavna group, i am just a member of this group who wants to promote this holy work. 
I had posted information, just to give this work a online platform and visibility.

Sadbhavna group is not supported by any private firm. All the member are the one who are donating money in the fund

We are not collecting funds from any other source. We had enough members who contributes for fund of the group.